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Introduction to the PhD representatives and structures of the PhD representation at the Faculty for Mathematics and Physics.

Representatives of the PhD convent for the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

The role of the representatives of the PhD convent is to offer a contact point within the community of all PhD students to which doctoral researchers can address any needs. May these be of general interest or only regarding individuals, we are there to act as a mediator and to assist in the search for solutions. Besides this, we as representatives want to further encourage and support the exchange between all PhD students on and off the campus, to create an even better working environment for everyone.

You can reach us via email: phd[at]


Alexander Froch

  • Research:
    Experimental Top-Higgs physics and heavy jet flavour tagging with machine learning.
  • Working Group:
    Prof. Herten
  • Room:
    Gustav-Mie-Haus 02-015
  • E-Mail:

Eric Brunner


Frider Lindel


Jonas Rehberg



Representative in the council for the faculity of Mathematics and Physics

Jonas Rehberg

Eric Brunner



Joint Working Committee of the Doctoral Candidate Councils (GAA)

Since January 2016, the doctoral candidates are officially recognized as a status group. Therefore, as doctoral candidates, we defend our interest when decisions are being taken in terms of university organization and raise our concerns to the respective structures in the university.

The GAA is a committee elected by the Doctoral Representatives of all Faculties. Their close work together with the main University decisional bodies as well as with the doctoral candidates representative in the Senate gives them the ability to act on different levels, going from topics as light as networking organization, providing working space or organizing workshops/events, to more serious topics like conflict management, raising concerns due to the impact of the pandemic for doctoral studies, or opening dialogue on dissertation regulations.

Don't hesitate to contact us:


Speakers of the GAA associated with the Physics Faculty

Andreas Woitzik


Structure of the PhD Representation